New Routine

Day two of my new routine. I have a hard time not doing my original routine (i.e., making coffee and breakfast) before commencing this new one so my coffee gets to sit and cool off while I meditate.

This morning, as I sat and listened for what came up, two thoughts made the most powerful impression. The first was overwhelming gratitude to everyone who either spent time with me yesterday or made the time to reach out with a phone call or note. The second is excitement for my 40th birthday, unicorn-themed, girls camping weekend!

I’ve been thinking about what has made it difficult for me to form and stick to morning habits in the past and I know a big factor can be a change to my regular routine or environment (i.e., going camping). With that in mind, I’ve been envisioning myself completing my new morning routine while camping. I will either invite others to join me or may take a little walk so that I can meditate without interruption. To help keep me accountable during non-routine days at home, I have let my husband know my goal to meditate and journal every morning, and this should also help to adjust his expectations.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions that will help to increase my success in sticking with my new routine. ❤

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