Days 3 & 4

Yesterday was a little challenging to keep up my routine – I was camping with a group and, since I was the one who had invited everyone out, I didn’t want it to seem like I was abandoning them to do my own thing (even though I’m sure that is not how they would have perceived it). Then it was time to take down camp, so I definitely couldn’t take off then. 

Once everyone else had left I was tempted to just take off myself, getting home for a shower and nap was all that was on my mind at that point. I didn’t however, instead I stayed and sat at the picnic table facing into the forest and set my timer for a 5-minute meditation followed by five minutes of journaling. The battery on my phone was on the low-end, so I decided to forgo writing here, as the most important action is that I take the time for the morning routine (not that I document it here).

The thoughts that came to mind during my meditation yesterday were:

  • Intense gratitude for having so many people who love and care about me
  • Fortunate to be able to enjoy nature like this – both the proximity and ease of access as well as the natural beauty that surrounds me and I need to remember not to take this for granted
  • Finally, as much fun as I had while camping, I was looking forward to going home to my husband and dog

This morning I did something a little different. Instead of getting up and making my coffee and breakfast before starting my routine, I just did it from my bed. I’ll be honest, it didn’t go as well (lesson learned). First of all, the timer I thought that I set didn’t go off. Secondly, I think I was a bit dozy because by staying in bed, I hadn’t fully woken up like I usually do by getting up and moving around a bit before meditating.

This morning I found my meditation was more about noticing, at least at the start. 

  • I heard sounds outside that I don’t usually notice – my mind wanted to identify each sound and I practiced trying not to think about each sound too much
  • I became aware of how my body felt – I don’t know that I would have picked up on the subtleties of how I was feeling today if I had started moving around right away this morning
  • Then my mind started to wander to everything I need to do today and this week
  • Towards the end, my focus shifted to how today is our anniversary and I pictured a few moments from our wedding day

I am enjoying these morning meditations. It is useful to think about them afterward here, as I find I’m more likely to think critically about what was going on. Now I can see how my mind was wandering more than I realized. Of course, I know this is quite common and to be expected but it is still worth being aware of so that I can focus on this in future meditations.

The more I do this, the more I think my journaling after will be to capture my specific thoughts and this blogging practice will be more about documenting how my practice evolves as it becomes more consistent. 

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