Pam Harrison for Livable Roads for Rural Saanich

I represent a rural traffic safety advocacy group called Livable Roads for Rural Saanich. We have been working for three years to effect traffic calming on a suite of rural roads in Saanich.

Sarah joined our Task Group approximately two years ago. We work via face to face meetings and on line. We present to Council and Staff at our municipal government level. We interact with a variety of other groups.

Often small advocacy groups are comprised of retired folk who have the time to devote to this very time consuming volunteer work. Sarah brought a number of strengths to our group. She represents a demographic that was lacking, someone who, like the rest of us, is a committed Active Transportation user of her road, with a detailed knowledge of the issues, but who also has the skills to connect us to others via social media. She is adept at managing our facebook page, keeping up a solid schedule of relevant postings. She also brings us information from a variety of other media sources.

Sarah is well organized, articulate, and sensitive to procedure and protocol. She was active in organizing a resident walk/demonstration on Prospect Lake Road in a way that was safe and effective and community building. She approached this event as if she had been tasked with an event at a professional level.

She was and is a very welcome addition to our group.