Costa Rica: San Jose to Monterrey

Today was our first full day in Costa Rica. We woke up at our very clean and airport adjacent hotel, had a lovely breakfast and made our way to Avis to pick up our car rental.

We drove from San Jose to Monterrey. We stopped in San Ramon at the loveliest gas station/coffee stand to use the restroom and gave a snack. The coffee stand, FruGo, had delicious fruit salads, great looking smoothies, and even golden milk.

We sat outside on a covered swing with a table between us to enjoy our snacks. We were amused by the floppy-eared cows grazing in the field across the road from us.

Thanks to the Waze app (which I had never used before today), we were able to avoid most of the washboard dirt roads and find our Airbnb with ease.

My travel buddy is not feeling well, so once we got to our home for the next four nights, she took a nap while I sat outside, taking in the sights and sounds of our seemingly very remote location.

Too foggy to see the volcano today

After a misguided attempt to find one local restaurant on foot, we drove into the local village and enjoyed some soup for dinner at Restaurante la Pollera. She had chicken, and I had black bean and egg, a combination I’ve never had before, but it was so good I would have it again if I saw it on another menu.

Tomorrow we will adventure to La Fortuna. It looks like there are lots of delicious places to eat there.


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